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Highest bioavailability and efficacy due to the revolutionary bioenhancer Cellution® 19

Most of the ingested substances our body needs are excreted unused through our gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, a suitable transport system is needed in order to prevent this significant loss of active substances; Cellution® is such a transport system. It encapsulates the ingredients our body cannot absorb properly and increases their absorption rate. Due to this bioenhancer, the ingredients used can find their way to where they are needed the most: the blood circulation and the mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cells.

Cellution® ensures an increase in absorption and therefore also an increase in bioavailability and bioactivity of active substances.

  • High absorption rates: minimal loss of active substances through the gastrointestinal tract

  • High absorption speed: active substances can be detected in the blood within a short time

  • High bio tolerance: Due to its composition Cellution® itself has a prebiotic effect and regulates the intestinal flora 21, 22

  • Causes the blood sugar level to rise less compared to dietary supplements containing sugar 20

  • Purely plant-based

  • Free from synthetic polysorbates, cytotoxins, polyols and stabilizers

  • Gentle processing due to cold methods


Plant-based with prebiotic effects

The specially developed bioenhancer Cellution® is purely plant-based, free from polysorbates, polyols and stabilizers and additionally has prebiotic effects 21. Cellution®’s basis is gum arabic, resin of the acacia.

Increased absorption rate

The more of an active substance is excreted via the intestinal or urinary tracts, the less is metabolized from it. The absorption rates achieved by us are several times higher compared to conventionally packaged active substances. Due to this, valuable vitamins, enzymes, essential trace elements and flavonoids no longer end up in the sewer system but can be absorbed by the body and therefore metabolized.

Rapidly distributed

Every transport system’s goal is to bring active substances quickly to where they are to take effect. Testing our transport system has shown that the active substances packaged within it can be detected in the blood within a short time thanks to the Cellution® technology.

Gentle cold processing

Cellution® is a cold process in which the substances used are processed at lower temperatures. Due to this procedure, we can process more sensitive substances.

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