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Barbara Kuehne Sales Manager


My Name Is Adriana Kremmel.
Sales Manager of mitAURO

Constantly being under pressure is not good, neither for your body nor for your mind. If you work hard during your active phases, it is important to also invest a lot into regeneration and protection. With our products, we specifically address people who are confronted with particular performance requirements and therefore we believe it is important that, besides using our products, we can also provide you with a professional and therapeutic offer. Therefore, we offer our products via qualified consultants.

Your advantages as mitAURO consultant

  • Extensive product training

  • Advertising material

  • Nutrition diagnostics solutions

  • Presentation on the mitAURO website

  • Support desk

  • Special discount offers for you and your clients

  • Highly effective product system

Do you want to know more about mitochondria? You can read the abstract of our whitepaper here, but if you want the full one, get in touch with us!

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Whitepaper Abstract
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You are a qualified expert in the fields of nutrition counseling, training or medicine and you want to get to know our product system?

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