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Patrick Hofmanninger

mitAURO addresses enlightened, health-conscious, and performance-oriented people who do not want to compromise on their own health.

We live in a time of self-optimization. Whether at work, with family, friends or in sports; the demands placed on us by others or ourselves are high, but our energy resources and capacities to perform are limited. With an intense lifestyle, the consumption of vital substances increases; mitAURO covers these demands.

Additionally, our body’s energy production decreases with age. This is completely natural but can be balanced with the right nutrients; like those included in mitAURO’s highly effective formulation. Therefore, “best agers” (people over the age of 50) benefit just as much as ambitious athletes, managers, parents and many more.

mitAURO helps provide you with more vitality and well-being in a healthy way. The dietary supplements are designed to deliver the right active substances in a highly effective formulation, adjusted to suit every respective situation. The active substances supplemented are precisely those which are essential for the mitochondria’s energy production.

From athletes to “best agers”

more vitality thanks to mitAURO

History and development

mitAURO’s product system was originally developed by a Swiss scientist to be used in competitive sports. It was mainly used by endurance athletes and had to be oriented towards meeting their very high demands. 

Our goal was to develop a product range without compromise that would offer purely plant-based active substances in liquid form, in order to be as efficient as possible for the body; and to support people with increased stress levels, taking their individual situations into account.

Focusing on mitochondrial energy production and ATP

Mitochondria are the cells’ powerhouses. Energy production takes place within them, through the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This means that the better a mitochondrion is supplied with the necessary elements and catalysts, the more energy in form of ATP can be produced. However, more energy turnover generally also means more free radicals. That is why we always use cell-protecting substances as well: we don’t want you to pay for your enhanced power with deteriorating health.


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